What impact investing means to me as a business leader

Tom Keya — impact investing

What impact investing means to me as a business leader

Impact investing is the focus now for individuals and institutions around the world. Already growing fast as a sector, COVID-19 has ramped up the urgent need for a truly collaborative approach across all stakeholders.

What is impact investing and how does it work?

The simplest explanation of impact investing is that it covers investments made into funds/organisations/companies that will make a return and create a positive social or environmental impact. These investments direct money into initiatives to improve the environmental and social challenges facing humanity.

How much is the impact investor sector worth?

Over the last five years, the number of funds actively engaged in impact investing has grown significantly. The sector’s growth is at least partly due to the vagaries of traditional philanthropy and international development. Add in a global pandemic, and there has been a distinct shift towards impact investing at all levels.

The difference made by global impact leaders towards a better future

Back to the Impact 17+1 Club and my involvement in this forward-thinking, innovative network of impactors. Essentially a think tank incorporating a community of business leaders and like-minded impactors from around the world, Impact 17+1 evolved from the motivation of taking responsibility to create a better future by taking constructively compassionate action right now.

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