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Tom Keya — How employers can support employee wellbeing through sport and physical activity

Employees struggling with mental health problems will generally find that the less support they get from the firm they work for, the worse they feel. This can have long-term repercussions for all involved.

But there are some simple steps every employer can take to help their employees deal with stress…

Last year’s Annual Impact Investor Survey (June 2020) from the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) showed that just 300 impact investors had collectively funded relevant assets to the tune of $404 billion.

The survey also uncovered a number of key trends that show diversity is still the main driver for…

Tom Keya — Why the role of the family office is evolving to meet changing demands

Many factors are contributing towards the evolution of the traditional family office. These include increased regulatory concerns, a generally increasingly litigious world and risks linked with the prolonged environment of global instability.

Every family office is from necessity designed to deal with the family’s specific wealth management needs. However, there…

Why it’s crucial to understand and manage stress and mental health in the workplace — Tom Keya

Tom Keya is a lawyer, business development consultant and analyst with an interest in advocating for better mental health support in the workplace.

Throughout my career I have always treated mental health on a par with physical health. …

Tom Keya - Why more must be done to stem the mental health crisis caused by the pandemic

Up until now, the eyes of the world have been on the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Much of the Governmental support work has been focusing on the economy. But underlying all of these other problems caused by the global pandemic is a growing surge in mental health problems.

Why economic mutuality is the answer to finding balance in a chaotic world Tom Keya

Challenges facing humanity in 2021 are many and varied. From climate change to the global pandemics, and from social inequality to food insecurity, there are so many aspects of the modern world that are far from ideal.

How long can the world’s economy and society function when working in such…

Tom Keya — impact investing

What impact investing means to me as a business leader

Impact investing is the focus now for individuals and institutions around the world. Already growing fast as a sector, COVID-19 has ramped up the urgent need for a truly collaborative approach across all stakeholders.

This is why I’m a member of Impact 17+1., a group of business leaders who are…

Tom Keya

Economics of Mutuality | Impact investment | Impact 17+1 | Middle East | Dubai | UAE | Iran | Business Development | Business strategy | Mental Health Advocacy

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